Jess Baddie

Jess Baddie

Although Jess was born and raised in Italy, she has African origins and this is visible in her choreography. Her dad is from the Ivory Coast and she regularly travels to Jamaica and Africa to learn from the dance crews there, soaking in their vibes, grooves, and flows.

She also travels around the rest of the world to share her knowledge, experience, talent, and energy. You’ll find her performing, attending festivals, and running workshops.

Energy is something that is never lacking when Jess is dancing. She can choreograph for men and women, and couples. Her dances can be soft and smooth or strong and powerful.

One of her main skills is expressing sensuality and femininity in her dance. She teaches other women how to get more confident in touching their own bodies while they are dancing, and loving themselves just the way they are. She celebrates that every woman is unique within their own bodies and teaches her students to see perfection in any perceived imperfections.

As mentioned earlier, she is not only a dancer, choreographer and model but also a DJ. She plays in Milano, Italy, and regularly in London.

She plays dancehall, afrobeat, uk, amapiano, hip-hop, r&b and commercial.


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